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Vadik Herbs in Capsules

Tulsi Ear Oil

Tulsi Ear Oil, 1 oz.

Ocimum sanctum

Tulsi Ear Oil was formulated in response to research showing that pillows were found to have aspergillus mold after 18 months or less of use. Many people have itchy ears or other unpleasant sensations. Tulsi is very calming but this oil may stimulate reactions in the sinuses and throughout the head for 20-30 minutes after use. This is why it is suggested that people do not use the oil simultaneously in both ears.

Dosage: One drop on cotton wool or gauze. Place in one ear before bedtime. Do the same in other ear the following night.

Alcohol: none

Ingredients: proprietary blend of Verbascum thapsus flower in organic cold pressed olive oil with essential oil of holy basil.

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