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Ayurvedic Specialty Products

This web site is loosely associated with two informational sites hosted by Ingrid Naiman: Dosha Balance and Kitchen Doctor. In the Ayurvedic Bazaar, every effort has been made to present a broad range of extremely high quality Ayurvedic herbs, spices, accessory devices, and books. There are literally several hundred products so visitors are urged to take the dosha balance questionnaire and consider carefully their needs. The search feature is very powerful and can often help you to zero in on the right formula for your particular issues. This index is simply for products that are likely to be overlooked. The navigation on the left provides a far more comprehensive guide to products.

  • Kaya Kalpa, basically this refers to treatments to improve the quality of old age and prolong life
  • Sinus aids that rely primarily on use of a neti pot and/or nasya oils
  • Tongue Cleansing using a stainless steel implement for removing toxins on the tongue
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