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Ashwagandha, certified organic, 50 seeds

Withania somnifera


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Ashwagandha is a nightshade that is easy to grow in the right climate. It is native to Africa and Asia and is intolerant of moist soil. It is a perennial in zone 8 and above and an annual in colder climates. One can harvest roots for medicinal use after 100 days. This is one of the most important rasayana herbs and is used to increase stamina, improve the capacity to manage stress, and regenerate worn out tissues, including those associated with neurological conditions. The seeds take 15 days to germinate and can be started indoors or in a greenhouse. Plant in a sunny location with well-drained soil. It grows to about 2-5 feet in height and has pretty enclosed orangish-red berries and yellow flowers. It is the root that is used medicinally. They are on the longish side and have smaller lateral roots. These are yellowish-gray in color and soft in the inside. The odor is strong and explains the Sanskrit name that means something like sweaty horse.